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In2itive Realty was founded by Senior Real Estate Specialist Marla Drexler. Her mission is to provide you with results-driven professional service that exceeds your expectations using the experience she has gained observing, interacting, and working in the San Diego area for over 20 years. She uses this experience to deliver a holistic approach that will aide you through every aspect of your transaction, while remaining active in the community and inspiring others to do the same.  


Home ownership has always been considered a major milestone and a significant part of achieving that great American dream. It signifies pride, stability, success and security. It means saying "Good-Bye" to landlords and property managers and is the greatest investment one can make. As a Realtor, Marla realizes the significance buying and selling a home is to you and your family and she has worked very hard to ensure the services she provides will get you everything you want out of the deal. She is extremely talented at negotiating and will fight fiercely to get the absolute best price for you!

Marla also has a passion and devotion for helping animals in need. This is very important to Marla, and she makes no bones about it. When you work with Marla you get a dedicated Realtor keenly focused on your needs who might just stop and save a dog in distress or a cat in a tree, but nevertheless she will do all she can to find you the home you want or sell your home for the price you need.

Marla’s devotion to animals is matched only by her commitment to serving her clients, who come to her because they know she will help them buy not just a house, but a lifelong home. She doesn’t want someone to buy just to buy, she wants them to be able to come home and say, “I love my home and my space.” For Marla, it’s not about the money, it’s that feeling that it’s going to make someone happy. After all, it’s the biggest investment of their lives.

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About Marla Drexler


For Marla a house or an apartment becomes a home when you add one set of four legs, a wagging tail, and that indescribable measure of love that we call a dog. Marla has been blessed throughout her life by being given the opportunity of being the mom of loving dogs, all of whom have impacted her life greatly. She feels that she is the lucky one to have shared their lives and their stories and to have been chosen to be their guardian.

Marla loves giving back to the local animal shelters and her passion is to help support the efforts of animal welfare organizations and animals in general! Approximately 7.6 million pets enter animal shelters nationwide every year and supporting shelters and rescues not only helps the staff and animals, but also allows the organizations to continue to save lives.

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Devotion To Animals
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Four little paws can change coming back to an empty house into coming home.


As an Intuitive Realtor, Marla has learned to listen, and put to work, that inner guidance we were all born with known as intuition. Understanding her intuition gives Marla the ability to pick up on the energy of clients she is working with, and she is able to understand the emotions behind the words and experiences expressed. As an intuitive realtor she utilizes a holistic approach that will aide you in every aspect of your real estate endeavors.


An intuitive holistic approach allows her to look at the transactions she is involved with, from a higher & broader perspective and enables Marla to better serve you. Holistic real estate starts with the agent, and Marla focuses on her own mind, body, and soul’s health, which creates a calm and healthy atmosphere for her clients.

What Is A Holistic Approach?

As a holistic agent, Marla guides her clients through the real estate experience while taking the well-being of the whole client into account. The goal in holistic real estate is to go through what can be a very stressful process with special care for the physical, mental, and emotional health of all concerned. Through this awareness, it is possible to find joy and greater health in the experience.

Marla helps her clients figure out what their best life looks like. She believes you can’t serve your client well if you focus only on finding a home in their price range. It has to be about more: Do they need a secure backyard for pets and children or to put a fire pit to make s’mores with their grandchildren? She takes a few hours during the initial consultation to get to know her clients’ hopes, dreams, and fears so she can successfully align your heart with your home.

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How Does Marla Integrate Mind, Body, & Soul?

MIND: Holistic medicine is known for taking the traditional use of intellect, facts, and figures, and incorporating other elements of life into the process. Holistic real estate does the same thing. Marla still runs comparative marketing analyses, urges clients to have inspections, keeps up on legal updates, does due diligence, and encourages buyers or sellers to do their tasks. We are making the most of our mind’s potential by coupling the wisdom of our body and acknowledging the soul.

BODY: Marla teaches her clients Body Intelligence. Listening to our bodies and making sure you feel right about a decision is important. Something may exist in our mind, but it might take just a minute to ask what your body thinks of it. Our bodies know.

SOUL: Marla believes holistic real estate is about less stress and more joy and good health. Wonderment and awe are the keys to health and peace in this process, so Marla works towards making the process fun and as stress-free for her clients as possible.


Marla is an experienced house remodeler which gives her clients an advantage. Whether it be in the walls, on the roof, or in the attic, Marla has very keen observation skills that she utilizes to feel out a property. If there are telltale signs that something is wrong, she will direct her clients to the appropriate professional. This will help buyers with negotiations and on the flip side it helps sellers repair issues before putting their home on the market, so they can save time and attain a higher price for their property. 


A Real Estate Agent that is an experienced house remodeler will give you the competitive edge you need in the real estate market today, and it will give you more confidence to know that there is less of a chance of finding something wrong with the home after your purchase.

What Is An Intuitive Realtor
Realty Sacred Sanctuary


Helping you find peace and tranquility within your heart and home.


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Marla also offers additional services to her clients and fellow Real Estate Agents, beyond the traditional services!





For more details about Marla's Sacred Sanctuary, simply click below! 

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